Eden for Ableton Live

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Meet the brand new sister device of Loom!

Eden is a multipattern poly-rhythmic sequencer that can generate texture-like MIDI note output (characterized by swarms or waves)

The user manual will be available soon...

Eden with the settings menu closed

How is it different from Loom?

  • Patterns are not tempo-locked to each other
  • While this makes Eden less than ideal for rhythmic patterns, polyrhythmic patterns with multiple time signatures are made possible
  • Also includes a utility device named Hush to sparse out notes if you are playing dense chords
  • Can be completely unlocked from Live's tempo if you need to

Additional Settings Menu

This menu can be toggled with the chevron arrow in the bottom left corner of the device.

An in-depth demo and more information will be posted soon!

Note: 2 demo projects are included. One with the stock Ableton Piano, and one with the Free Spitfire LABS Tape Piano. You will need the Tape Piano installed to open the second project. You can get it for free here.

If you have previously purchased Loom or MIDI Matrix, you get Eden for free.

Please find the updated downloads by logging into your Gumroad Account (or use your email receipt for access). Valid if you bought before September 2023.

Feel free to reach out to support@partialaudio.com for any questions or concerns.

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The Eden max for live device, presets and a demo project

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Eden for Ableton Live

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